soccorso sulle piste di livigno

Safety and SOS

What to do and who to call in case of skiing accident


Skiing safely in Livigno

The skier rules to be observed on the piste

As the road has its rules, and all those who tread it (drivers, motorcyclists, bikers, pedestrians) are obliged to respect them, thus the ski slope requires its own code of conduct too. The regulations and prohibitions in force on the ski runs are designed to ensure the security of the trails and the safety of skiers, in order to prevent accidents and injuries in the snow.

Speed, negligence, and ignorance of rules and signals are the main risk factors on the skis. All skiers, from the more experienced to the beginners, are required to adapt their behaviour in accordance to the rules in order to ski safely and not to damage other people.

You are invited therefore to read the ski and snowboard FIS rules: knowing what to do on the piste can help you to avoid unfortunate inconveniences.

Intervento in motoslitta per sicurezza sulle piste a livigno

Are you having a ski accident in Livigno? Here is what to do

First Aid to skiers and snow accidents

In order to protect the safety of skiers, all the lift staff of Livigno Ski Area provides for the constant maintenance of lifts and slopes and is prepared to report promptly any obstacles or other risk factors that can endanger the ski descent. In spite of the high security measures, it may happen to get injured on the slopes. Here are our tips.

In the event of a snow accident the first thing you need to do is to call for help and report your exact position. How can you understand your position on the ski slope? Watch the information poles standing on the side of each track of Livigno ski area: they report the piste name and number, useful information to be provided to rescuers.

While waiting for rescue, ask for help: send someone to warn the lift personnel. Each lift station has trained staff who can ensure assistance and to carry the injured skiers to the nearest emergency department.
The management of emergencies and health services in Livigno are of high standard, thanks to the helicopter rescue service, emergency rooms, private clinics, first-aid stations and chemists widespread in the area.

Always remember that the first rule to protect both yourself and other people on the slope is to have a correct and responsible behaviour, by respecting the skier code of conduct.

soccorso e sos sulle piste della skiarea di livigno

Avalanche bulletin and snow conditions in real time in Livigno


Freeride in safety

Rules and info for off-piste in Livigno

The freeriders who ski off-piste are required to respect some simple rules for their own safety: always carry with you the Artva (or Arva,  Avalanche transceiver), the electronic device to be track down in the event of an avalanche; avoid skiing alone, better in small groups of 4-5 people; ensure you are accompanied by an expert alpine guide , who knows the places to practice Freeride in Livigno; before leaving, always let know the destination and times of your excursion to someone you can trust.


In Livigno there are 5 Artva Check points that allow to verify the proper operation of the device in your possession. You only need to bring near your avalanche transceiver (Arva or beacon) and a signal will notify you of its effectiveness: always check your avalanche life-saving device before starting an excursion.


1) at the arrival of lift n. 25
2) at the arrival of lift n. 12
3) at the entrance of Val Federia
4) at the entrance of Vallaccia (Trepalle)
5) at the bus stop “Hotel Forcola”

Information and useful numbers

NUE 112

Single emergency number (Ambulance, First-aid, Alpine Rescue, public Emergency Service, Rescue, Fire Department)


Police and Carabinieri squads are engaged on both sides of Livigno Ski Area to ensure the safety on the ski slopes and to intervene in case of serious accident in order to carry out the due assessments of liability.


In the event of a ski accident the injured person only will be entitled to a refund for the unused days, upon presentation of a medical report signed by a local doctor. No refund in case of bad weather, loss, theft, illness, early departure and breakdown or non-operation of lifts.


In Livigno there are private medical facilities, recommended to policyholders:

International Medical Center
Ph.: +39 0342 978112

Ph.: +39 0342 996601