Sicurezza e divertimento per i bambini con i tappeti per la risalita

Magic carpets for beginners

Children can ski and climb back up the slopes very easily in Livigno


On your skis without peril

Discover the best lifts to learn to ski

In town, easily reachable from the main roads and from the bus stops, there are a lot of slopes for children and for those who are learning to ski, with easy declivities and special moving carpets instead of drag lifts or chairlifts to climb back up after the descent.
Discover all the suitable lifts for children and beginners in Livigno and start having fun on your skis feeling utterly safe.


  • Mottolino carpet (near lift n° 6)
  • Yepi carpet (near lift n° 7)
  • Amerikan carpet (near lift n° 10)
  • Carosello 3000 carpet (near lift n° 13)
  • San Rocco carpet (near lift n° 17a - n° 17b)
  • Doss 18 carpet (near lift n° 18)
  • Ski School Area carpet (near lift n° 20)
  • Del Sole carpet (near lift n° 21)
  • Campo Scuola carpet (near lift n° 23)
  • Tagliede carpet (near lift n° 25)
  • Valandrea carpet (near lift n° 29° - n° 29b)
  • Cassana carpet (near lift n° 30)

Ski with your family in Livigno

In addition to its offer of adrenaline fun for snow and manoeuvre lovers, Livigno is well known for the wide range of opportunities dedicated to families and children. From ski to bobsleigh and sledge, and from the white playgrounds to the kindergartens, an entire village covered with snow where everybody – grown-ups and little ones – can have fun in the open air.