sciatore prima della discesa sulle piste della skiarea di livigno
freeride a Livigno, divertimento per gli sciatori sulle Alpi

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Ski in the most important Ski Area in Lombardy

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What brings you in Livigno? How do you want to experience your passion for the snow? We will recommend all the opportunities to do that better: destinations, proposals, ventures and services. Because everybody loves snow, but each one in his own way. 


The snow to share with the whole family. Are you coming to Livigno with your children, to teach them to ski, have fun outdoors and perhaps even relax a little bit while they are playing? That’s what’s right for you.

Fun & Extreme

The snow under your skis or your board, at full speed. Are you coming to Livigno with your sports equipment, to dash down the steepest slopes or try some manoeuvres in the best snow parks? If you want to ski, that’s the best.


The snow to get special feelings, with special people. Are you coming to Livigno with your sweetheart or with your best friends, for an unforgettable holiday? We offer all the experiences you are looking for.

Summer feelings

Snow is not all. Are you coming to Livigno during the warmer months, to escape from the heat of the city, enjoy the nature of the mountain and do all the sport you’ve always wanted? Even in Summer entertainments and activities are guaranteed.

Ski in Livigno

at special prices

31 lifts
115 km
of slopes

Livigno winter offering knows no rivals in all Europe. The Ski Area extends across the long valley of the village, with numerous lifts, conveyor belts, nursery slopes and ski runs for beginners, on both sides of the mountain: pistes of every declivity, length and difficulty for skiers and snowboarders of any level, from simple fans to professional athletes.

And with funslopes, Snowparks and equipped facilities for manoeuvres and challenges on the piste, fun on snow is boundless: a whole skiing day is not enough to cover all the tracks of Livigno Ski Area.

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What to do in Livigno

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07 January 2021 - 22 January 2021


What you need to know about Livigno

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Following the ministerial order of 14th February 2021, which prohibits the amateur skiing until March 5, 2021, with regret it…
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UPDATE: Ski Season Opening In Livigno 2020/2021

Due to the persistent state of emergency dictated by the pandemic Covid-19 and in compliance with the provisions issued by…
Ski season opening in Livigno 2020/2021
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Ski season opening in Livigno 2020/2021

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