Spring is the best season to ski in Livigno



Lots of sun and good snow: the perfect mix for your white week on the alps

Did you know that the ski season in Livigno lasts from November to May?

A very long season that satisfies the needs of all skiers.

Skiing in Spring on the slopes of Livigno is one of the most beautiful things to do for those looking for pleasant temperatures, long sunny days and always perfect snow.

Over 30 ski lifts, accessible directly from the village, allow you to ski at high altitude, almost 3000 meters above sea level, or at the bottom of the valley.

The snow is soft and inviting which appeals to experienced skiers and beginners alike. Even children will enjoy it: a lot of fun without having cold hands and feet on the soft snow will never make them stop skiing.

Here are some good reasons for deciding to experience the thrill of skiing in the spring. Enjoying the snow-capped mountains of Livigno until May is possible. Spring skiing has something magical about it!

Snowboard and telemark: the right time to try

Take advantage of the late season snow to test your skills in a different winter sport.

Ditch your skis and fasten your snowboard, it’s time to have a go! Managing the board in spring snow is a little easier and the fear of falls is lessened thanks to the softer snow.

Considering that Spring brings with it an air of change, why not savour the charm of the “free heel” by launching into a descent in telemark? At the end of the season, experience new activities on the snow in Livigno and take advantage of the unmissable Skipass Free offer.

Lunch at high altitude under the sun

In spring, the days get longer and the sun lights up and warms the mountains from early morning. Skiing starts early and after hours of fun on the slopes comes the most awaited moment of the day: lunch at high altitude and relaxation in the sun! Pure magic!

Eating outdoors on the terraces of the mountain huts of the Livigno ski area, with a spectacular view of the town, live music and shows, will be a pleasure that you absolutely cannot give up if you decide to ski in spring.

Discover skiing: kind on the snow

Skiing is a very fun sport and even more so in the Livigno ski area. Many attractions for children, from adventure trails to snow tunnels, bring the little ones closer to the great emotion of skiing.

Starting skiing in spring is our advice, your children will love it.

NO  waking up early in the morning, NO cold winter temperatures, but only games in the snow in the sun and to descents facilitated by soft snow.

Discover the many offers dedicated to children and do not miss the spring promotion of the family week, an entire week dedicated to family holidays.

Happy moments and fun!

In spring, the Livigno ski area has many activities and events that make the holiday on the snow full of happy and exciting moments.

Snow cat tours, gourmet dinners at high altitude, night skiing in the moonlight, sunrise breakfasts and much more. Discover all the emotions of Livigno skipassion and experience Livigno’s winter in spring.

It is not yet time to think about summer in the mountains, at least until all the snow in Livigno has melted.

Have a nice spring everyone!


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