Skipass usage rules

Standard agreement for the use of skiable areas

For the general ski slopes usage laws, please refer to the Regional Law No 8 October 2002. 26, the Regional Regulation 6 December 2003 and 22 of the Contract for the use of the ski areas in the Region of Lombardy.
Standard agreement for the use of skiable areas in the Lombardy Region

Ticket regulation

For the conditions of sale and use of ski passes refer to the Ticket regulation document .

The following is a summary of some parts of the regulation for easier reference.

The ski pass is personal and not transferable except for single rides and points cards. In the case of improper use of subscriptions, failure to comply with the closure of runways, wooded areas or reserves, Associazione Skipass Livigno reserves the right to withdraw the pass without refund or to raise sanctions.

The staff will regularly conduct controls. Are in effect 10 FIS rules. Obligation helmet for children under 14 years.

In case of a ski accident, we will refund the injured person only for the value of the unused days (after the last day used) upon presentation of a medical report signed by a local doctor.Refund can be requested at the followinf ticket offices: Ufficio Skipass via Plan, Ufficio Skipass via Isola, Mottolino, Carosello 3000, Sitas.

The refund value for multi day skipass (no refund on dayly/half day skipasses) it’s the difference between the price paid and the price of a skipass with the same start date valid until the last day skied. For seasonal pass the refund is calculated considering the number of the weeks from the first skiing day, no refund after 9 weeks from the first skiing day.

No refund in case of bad weather, loss, theft, illness, departure in advance, breakdown or non-operation of lift and on Skipass Free lift passes.

If you lose the card, you can get a duplicate against providing the number of skipass and / or user data to determine the code (eg. Name and surname in the case of registered cards). The cost for the issuance of a duplicate is € 20.00 plus € 5.00 deposit for a keycard.
In the event of discovery of the lost ticket you cannot receive a refund for the duplicate issuing cost.

Skipasses up to 14 days bought for periods convering two seasons are charged according to the rate of the season in which the majority of days fall into, and by equality of the days the higher price will apply.

From 15 days on, the price will be calculated by applying the daily average values for each period.


  • 7 days skipass valid 3 days in Season and 4 days in High Season will be charged to High Season rates.
  • 6 days skipass valid 3 days in Mid Season and 3 Season will be charged to Mid Season rates.
  • 15 days skipass valid 8 days in High Season and 7 in Mid Season will be charged 8/15 of the 15 days High Season rate plus 7/15 of the 15 days Mid Season rate

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