The best snowparks in Italy are in Livigno!



Discover all the snow parks in Livigno ski area, the world of snowboarding and freestyle awaiting the 2026 Olympics.

Where are the most famous and renowned snow parks in Italy and in Europe? The answer is simple: in Livigno. In the Livigno ski area there are 4 snow parks to choose from where to practice snowboarding and freestyle. In addition to jumps and stunts, 115 km of slopes and amazing snow await you; skiing in Livigno is amazing!

Come and unleash your desire for freestyle on rails, tables, jumps, jibbing, kickers, boxes, walls and many other structures. 

Let’s discover together the snow parks of the ski area.


The largest snow park in Italy and one of the best in Europe is the Mottolino snowpark. Everyone who loves the pipe and big air knows it.

Every year the Mottolino snowpark is chosen by athletes from all over the world for their training. In addition to being the venue for major international events, competitions and shootings, the park will be the stage for the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

Choose between lines of different levels, from the XXL line to the easier ones with jumps and simpler lines and start your extraordinary tricks. 

Discover all the structures of the Mottolino snowpark.


salti ed acrobazie sullo snowboard presso lo snowpark the beach a livigno

Almost 3000 meters above sea level is the hottest and most tropical snow park in the Livigno ski area: The Beach snow park. Imagine performing on a white “beach” on top of the Alps in spectacular jumps and evolutions and then relaxing in an outdoor party to the rhythm of music.

You don’t need to be a professional rider, a great desire to have fun is enough! In fact, the beach snowpark has lines of different levels that satisfy beginners and pro riders. Games, tunnels, kickers and jumps are at your disposal, but remember, what matters is the imagination!

Read more about the snowpark The Beach.



Perhaps not everyone knows that right in the center of Livigno there is a snow park that has become increasingly larger and more popular over the last few years: snowpark20.

Think that the snowpark20 was designed and maintained by some guys with a common passion: the freestyle. Whether on the snowboard or on skis, the Funny Twenty Area park is pure fun for everyone. Over 20 structures will allow you to perform different tricks and evolutions.

And that’s not all. The events of the snowpark20 are truly unmissable, an example? Surfing Day, an entire day dedicated to snowboarding in a vintage version. 

Find out more about the Twenty area.


Where to start your freestyler career in Livigno? At the Amerikan snow park. Small obstacles and beginner structures allow you to tackle your first ski jumps. Arm yourself with courage and try your hand at freestyle evolutions in Livigno.

Discover the Amerikan snowpark.

PS: Do not forget, before entering the snowparks, to have the right protections, a good preparation, and a great desire for freestyle!

Have fun!

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