Area coperta del kinder club Lupigno a Livigno

Kinder Club Lupigno

Entertainments and activities for children in Livigno


Kindergarten and ski school, with lunch included

For the happiness of children and the peacefulness of parents

While the adults enjoy some relaxation in the sun of Livigno, their kids have fun among colours, games and many other attractions. The Kinder Club Lupigno is the ideal place for all children aged 3 to 12 years to play in wintertime. Thanks to qualified staff, children have fun safely and make new friends almost the same age coming from all over the world. Possibility of kindergarten only, nursery + ski school with or without lunch.

The Livigno Kinder Club operates on very flexible hours to meet any requirements. You can bring your children at any time and come to take them back by 4.30 pm.

divertimento presso il kinder club Lupigno nella skiarea di Livigno


Ph.: +39 0342 996276

OPENING HOURS: from Sunday to Friday,  8.30 am – 4.30 pm


CLOSEST LIFTS: 23 Campo scuola

REFRESHMENT AREA: Aprés Ski Centrale

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