Alta Valtellina and Livigno resorts provide many opportunities to satisfy the freeride fans. From 2013 is active the Freeride Project which consists of a series of initiatives (first of all the local avalanche bulletin) to promote safety in the off-piste skiing. Among the activities are related courses, excursions with guides, heli-skiing.

Freeride Project

Freeride Top – Private Guide

For individuals and small groups (maximum 8 people) who want a special program for a freeride day “tailor-made”: off-piste using lifts, off-piste in the wildest places (lifts and short trips by sealskins), multi-days trips available.

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Basic Freeride

Recommended to all Freeriders. The mountains in winter is beautiful and fascinating as potentially dangerous for those unprepared to face. For skiing off-piste you need to learn about the environment, the snow, the materials for your personal safety and their proper use. We propose a basic course of a day:

Learning and improvement of off-piste skiing technique
Knowledge and proper use of the material to self-rescue
Improve your snow knowledge and learn to assess the avalanche danger

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Freeride Day

The freeride day is a entry level proposal for skiers, snowboarders and telemarkers experiences. Over three hours of off-piste skiing using the lifts searching the best pwoder with experienced local Alpine Guides.
Difficulty from easy to medium.

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Freeride Pro

For more experienced skiers the package “Freeride Pro” offers a day of freeride in the best routes of the backcountry, usually are needed short trips from the top of the lifts by foot or sealskins. The more effort will be payed off immediately by the sight of wild valleys that you can caress on your skis or snowboard. During the descents are also provided moments of teaching: skiing technique, safety, observation and assessment, self-rescue.

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The fascination of the helicopter flying to reach the best slopes, away from the usual freeride routes with an alternative is to do scenic flights or use the helitaxi service.

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