sciatore sulle piste innevate sulle Alpi


Timed tracks in Livigno


Measure the times of your ski descents

for challenges at the last second

A slalom ski run is waiting for you at the start gate: time your descent and challenge whoever you want.  Within Livigno Ski Area there are several time slopes with race poles, and timekeeping at the start and finish in order to measure your ski performances and give you a chance to challenge your friends or to improve your record. Everything is ready, what are you waiting for?

sciatrice sulle piste di livigno in giornata serena


Self-timing Amerikan
Ph.: +39 389 5179012

Self-timing Carosello 3000
Ph.: +39 0342 996152

Self-timing San Rocco
Ph.: +39 342 8628989

OPENING HOURS: every day, 9 am – 5 pm


CLOSEST LIFTS: 10 Amerikan (Self-timing Amerikan), 14 Federia (Self-timing Carosello 3000), 17a/b San Rocco (Self-timing San Rocco)

REFRESHMENT AREA: Carosello 3000 (Self-timing Carosello 3000)

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