Obstacle course on skis

Slopes for kids in Livigno


Fun on skis for the little ones

Lots of skill tests to face with your children

The obstacles scattered on the slopes of Livigno Ski Area make the ski downhill with your children fun and magic. On the Livigno lifts for kids you find easy and wide slopes full of animals, slalom and snow tunnels.

Challenge your children on mogul runs and small jumps: the ability of kids will amaze you. Let the race start!

tracciati a ostacoli skiarea


Obstacle course Doss18
Ph.: +39 0342 997173
Email: doss@skipasslivigno.com

Obstacle course San Rocco
Ph.: +39 342 8628989
Email: skiareasanrocco@gmail.com

Obstacle course Centrale 23
Ph.: +39 0342 996276
Email: info@scuolascicentrale.it

Obstacle course Easy Lift
Ph.: +39 0342 970025
Email: info@mottolino.com

Obstacle course Baby Lac Salin
Ph.: +39 0342 996152
Email: welcome@carosello3000.com

Obstacle course Cassana
Ph.: +39 0342 997570
Email: cassana@tiscali.it

OPENING HOURS: every day, 9 am – 5 pm


CLOSEST LIFTS: 18 Doss 18 (Obstacle course Doss18), 17a/b San Rocco (Obstacle course San Rocco), 23 Campo scuola (Obstacle course Centrale 23), 6 Easy Lift (Obstacle course Easy Lift), 13 Baby Lac Salin (Obstacle course Baby Lac Salin), 30 Cassana (Obstacle course Cassana)

PARKING AREA (Obstacle course Doss18, Obstacle course San Rocco, Obstacle course Cassana)

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