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Night skiing in Livigno

Floodlit slopes to ski under the stars


Your night skiing

in a wonderful setting

Night-time skiing in Livigno is an exciting charm: the starry sky, the snow crunching under your skis in the still of the night, the lights that brighten the slope while woods are dipped in the dark, all this enhanced by the glittering town lights.

Night skiing in Livigno is an emotion for everybody, from those who want to extend further their day on the snow, to those who have waited for the night to enjoy quietly an unforgettable skiing.

Free access for skipass holders from 1 day upwards, ticket for non-passholders 7,00 euro.

vista notturna di livigno, piccolo Tibet sulle Alpi


Ph.: +39 0342 996276

OPENING HOURS: every Thursday night, 8.30 pm – 10.30 pm


CLOSEST LIFTS: 23 Campo scuola