eventi notturni sulle nevi di livigno

Dark Emotion

Dinner in refuge and descent with skis and torches


High altitude Spaghetti party and torchlight skiing

Evening organized for private groups in Livigno

Your skiing day in Livigno deserves a proper ending. If you are looking for a winter group or couple experience for your holiday on snow, enjoy the fun of Dark Emotion: an exquisite dinner in a high altitude refuge in Livigno followed by an exciting ski descent by torchlight, in a truly charming atmosphere.

At the refuge Costaccia you are in for a great spaghetti party in cheerful company. After the party, you go back to town with your skis on and the torch in your hand, for a night skiing on Livigno slopes with ski instructors. Once at the bottom, a cup of good hot tea or typical mountain mulled wine to wish you good night.

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Ph.: +39 0342 990711
Email: info@sitas.ski

OPENING HOURS: Thursdays. Booking required at Scuola Sci Azzurra (ph.: +39 0342 997683)


CLOSEST LIFTS: 25 Livigno Centro Tagliede, 27 Tagliede Costaccia