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The free wireless connection of the municipality of Livigno.

Livigno WiFi is the free wireless connection of the municipality of Livigno which permits you to surf with every WiFi device in the areas covered by this service. The connection can be used through portable pc, tablets and smart phones. To access the service it is compulsory to complete the registration form which you’ll find at the first access (see instructions on “How to access”). Livigno WiFi is an experimental project which is aimed to be extended into further areas of the Livigno region enhancing the services and applications on offer. This initiative aims to meet everyone’s needs: residents and tourists, students and working people, retailers and self-employed professionals. Livigno WiFi is a product of the cooperation between APT Livigno and municipality of Livigno, and allows constant access to local services including public transport information, sustainable mobility, to tourism and events and indeed all which is necessary to enjoy the region to its maximum.

LivignoWiFi network is available in these zones:

  • Parco giochi Don Bosco
  • Parco giochi San Rocco
  • Costaccia
  • Mottolino e snowpark Mottolino
  • Camanel di Planon
  • Oratorio
  • Sciovia Doss

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